Heavy Repair

At the accident scene

1. Please switch off the ignition even if the engine has stopped. This is to prevent a fire.
2. Engage the parking brake or handbrake to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Switch on your hazard lights.
3. If you are severely injured, do not attempt to move and if you have access to a mobile phone, call for an ambulance and the police.
4. If someone is injured, stay calm and do not panic. Try to stop passerby and get them to send the injured person(s) to the nearest medical facility. Otherwise, call for an ambulance immediately.
5. After you have attending to the injured person(s), immediately call the 24 hours RENCARE Toll Free at 1800-88-8663.

Reporting accident

1 If damages are minor, you may negotiate with the other driver.
2. If serious, make a police report with the following things to note down:
  • Date, time and site of accident
• Registration Number, Model and Make of the other vehicle(s) involved
• Name, address, contact number and NRIC of the other driver(s)
• Name, address and contact number of witness (if any)
• Name, address and contact number of other passengers (if any)
• Description of how the accident occurred
• Sketch map of accident site

Tow truck operators and you

1. Should the vehicle is obstructing traffic, request the tow truck operator at the site to move the vehicle to the road side to avoid obstructing traffic.
2. DO NOT allow any tow truck operators to tow your vehicle from the accident area and DO NOT SIGN ANY DOCUMENT which give them the consent to TOW or REPAIR your vehicle, even if he/she claims to be a P.I.A.M authorized repairer.
3. Wait for the arrival of TCEAS authorized tow truck. Our 24 hours Call Centre operator will provide you the tow truck details and arrival time of the tow truck.
4. Give the tow-truck operator instructions to have your vehicle towed to any of our TCEAS service centres nearest to you, or to the nearest police station or back to your home.
5. Do not worry about the security of your vehicle as our security personnel are on hand to receive your vehicle at our workshops, even if it is after office hours.
6. Always remember to lock up your vehicle, if possible and retain the key.

What is your next step

1. You should proceed to make a police report within 24hours after the accident.
2. Should your vehicle being towed into our workshop after office hours; make sure that you make contact with the service manager to formalize the claims within 24 hours from the time of accident.