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04 October 2019

Renault Subscription A More Attractive and Flexible Alternative to Car Leasing in Malaysia

Move over rentals and car leasing in Malaysia! Now, there’s a more attractive and flexible solution for those wishing to drive two of the best continental SUVs as well the most iconic sports vehicle in the market.

And, it’s available from as low as RM43 per day!

Say hello to ‘Renault Subscription’ – the first of its kind in Malaysia. Before this, if you wanted to drive a car, the options available were either 1) buying a new or used vehicle or 2) leasing or renting a car.

However, in an increasingly challenging economic landscape, we’re all having to contend with rising living costs, mounting time constraints from the hubbub of daily life, higher interest rates, tougher approvals for car loans and rapidly depreciating value in a marketplace that is becoming more and more competitive. Long term car lease options are often not competitively structured.

‘Renault Subscription’ aims to help alleviate some of your day-to-day stress by providing a new hassle-free mobility solution that just might be easier on your purse strings.

At the same time, it also offers even more flexibility and options to enjoy freedom in a Renault vehicle that exudes contemporary French design with exceptional road handling and Continental quality and standards.

Essentially, you “own” the car for the duration of your subscribed plan but it’s fulfilled on a mobility-as-a-service platform.

Here, we’ll take a look at the differences between this new age car ownership model vs. buying a brand-new vehicle and car leasing in Malaysia. 

‘Renault Subscription’: What will you enjoy?

Offering freedom and flexibility, ‘Renault Subscription’ allows customers to break away from long-term loan tenures, rigid lock-ins and concerns about vehicle depreciation costs for as low as RM43 per day.

Currently, it’s available for both core Renault SUV models - the versatile Renault CAPTUR lifestyle crossover and the premium flagship Renault KOLEOS D-segment SUV. On top of that, you can now also subscribe for the hottest hatch in the market, Renault MEGANE R.S. CUP 280.

It functions just like any other subscription plans you have signed up for where you pay a monthly fee for enjoying the services on offer. Think Netflix, high-speed broadband, mobile plans and the like.

In the case of ‘Renault Subscription’, you get a choice of two plans – FIXED and SWITCH – each with alternative options for choices to suit your lifestyle needs.

Here’s a comparison of both plans and the benefits you’ll enjoy: