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Passion for Motosports

F1 Timeline

Meeting sporting challenges and committing to the development of automotive technologies is our mission, over 120 years of innovation.

Innovation, it’s in our legacy.


Debuted at the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, the 1st V6 turbo-charged F1 car was driven by Jean-Pierre Jabouille – the R.S. 01 which was the beginning of pioneering turbo technology when competitors were using naturally aspirated engines.


Our first F1 victory with our R.S. 11 at the French Grand Prix in Dijon-Prenois with Jean-Pierre Jabouille behind the wheel.


On 1977, we marked our 6th consecutive Constructors' World Championship as engine supplier in receiving 85 Grand Prix wins and five Drivers’ titles for Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve.

2005 & 2006

In 2005, we got our 1st ever Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championship titles with the Fernando Alonso who was also then the youngest champion ever, and, in 2006, cemented our Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championship titles.


Returning of the Renault Sport Formula One Team to the championship. The regulations had changed significantly in 2014, and, in the interim, Renault developed the new V6 hybrid powertrain in preparation for a strong comeback to conquer one of the most coveted titles in motorsport, the F1 World Championship.


We celebrates 40 years of passion and commitment to the victories that made us champions as well as the complex moments that made us stronger.

We champion our Creators and our cars and thrive ourself to the next 40 years of following our passion.


Launch of our new Renault R.S. 18 in meeting sporting challenges and committing to the development of automotive technologies.


Launching of the new Renault R.S. 19 chassis, developed and manufactured in Enstone, UK which is powered by a 1.6 litre turbocharged engine and has unlimited boost pressure, boasting more than 950 horsepower.

With an eight-speed carbon gearbox and 'quickshift' system, the R.S. 19 is built with sleek, aerodynamic characteristics.

Being the driving force behind our innovations,

Motorsports is the laboratory for our new technological solutions.

>We include the proven innovations in our standard vehicles to let you enjoy a better performance, reliability and dricing pleasure.

Launch Control

Launch control was 1st introduced on CLIO R.S. EDC and now available in the new MEGANE R.S. 280 CUP AT.

Allows you to move like a “cannon ball” while manages the level of the grip on the ground, this electronic system eliminates wheel slippage by acting on the engine torque.

Multi Change Down

It allows you to quickly downshift several speeds to negotiate each turn in the best gear through wheel-mounted paddles which is offered on CLIO R.S. and the new MEGANE R.S. 280 CUP AT.

R.S. Monitor

Inspired by the data acquisition systems used in competitive driving, R.S. Monitor records all the information transmitted by the car's sensors. Power and engine torque, brake pressure, oil temperature, steering wheel angle etc.

All of the data can then be used on a computer and compared with benchmark times on the main tracks.

Independent steering-axis front suspension system

Contrary to a MacPherson front suspension system, the steering axis is completely decoupled from the damper. This process prevents locked wheels in a sharp turn and improves consistent steering at a high speed.

Cutting-edge turbo technology

From the introduction of the turbo technology in Formula One in 1977, this is currently featured in most models of the R.S. and Captur range.

The extra power and efficiency brought by this technology is one of the factors that has reduced emissions by 40% at a comparable performance.

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